13 April 2009

the small and simple things of life

I tend towards the small and simple things of life. It never fails that I will be drawn, as if by a force within, towards the small brown papered notebooks at book stores or to the itsy-bitsy hand made cards. The more hand made it looks, the more my hands reach to hold and touch. The organic in life (how ironic) draws me in. My soul itself seems to desire to reconnect with what life should be...the natural...the unprocessed. Fresh food appears more appetizing, a clay mug that fits the hand makes tea more soothing, and a throw made from cushy yarn is more relaxing.

My hands have been desiring the dirt lately. I almost called this blog 'sunshine, dirt and rain' for the simple reason that I long to garden! Recently I told a friend that I so want to have a green thumb but currently it is a more pale shade of yellow. Gardening helps me feel like I am participating in the creation process. It is also where I am able to reflect in a free way on my humanity. Simply put... I am dirt. When I am exposed to the warming light of Him and showered with His refreshing presence...then....only then...does true life burst forth. Coming from the depths of my misery and depravity comes greeness ...growth which is only sustained by the Divine.

It is the simplicity of being among the created and allowing myself to be creative without criticism which brings me energy. Here ... usually on my Wednesdays ... I let go of all that is around me and become a child again. Using my imagination to guide me into new areas of growth. Aside from gardening, I have also plunged my hands into making various breads and also sewing projects. All of this really has my mind wondering what He wants to do with me next. Why such a need for creativity and play? Is this only to refresh or does this have a deeper purpose? oh thoughts for another Wednesday.

I could continue on for months digging into the wonders of gardening/creativity and its spiritual implications. However, it only makes me want to go plant and play. This happens frequently, in that when I think about Him, I want to go play in what he has made. That is how I am refreshed.

(now if only this weather would warm up for good!)

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