23 April 2009

Dirt...our common ground

Our gardening experiencing is becoming more and more exciting each week. Today we put corn, onions and green beans into the ground. Oh how things are shaping up! Beautiful two-leaved zucchini happily growing in mounds, brilliant magenta beets sprouting in rows, and bright green clusters of snap peas anxiously waiting to vine! ::sighs:: But more than the joy of participating in creation.... I am feeling so fulfilled in how our friendships too are finding deeper roots and jewel tone colors. It is over mounds of dirt, compost, and mulch that we seem to more easily get into the dirt of life. Over our common dirt, we find the situations and dirt in our life is more in common that we realized. Different families, different friends, same dirt. I love the organic nature of relationships in an organic church. Here HE does his Great work... perfecting us in our relationships. Working us to respond as HE would respond and see as HE sees. Gardening takes patience and so do relationships, intentionally tending and being, watering and plucking out weeds....ha, and maybe a little bit of talking there too.

Nate and I are marveling at how this 'project' and hobby is really helping us to focus and (ironically) be more grounded. I enjoy knowing I get to come home and go play outside, dig into the dirt and rest. No more sitting mindlessly in front of the brain killer or wasting away the evening. The evenings are more for enjoyment and rest with my honey than just me alone trying to recoup. The pace of farming fits me better too. I enjoy the slowness in place of my microwave mindset. HA! We'll see how long that mentality can hold up.

Another ironic piece of life....we are participating in the 30-hr famine this weekend yet here I am raving about growing food. That reminds me of another one of our family goals - to have our priorities and what matters most to us match where our money and time go. We are working hard for continuity.

Cheers to living real life with real people.... happy growing.

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