12 May 2014

The time has come...and I'm as nervous as heck. We are adopting. Not just talking about adopting but actually doing the paperwork. Nate and I were told we should start blogging in hopes to record all that is happening. My lovely hubby always said I have a gold-fish brain so lets get this stuff in words so I don't forget in the years to come. :)

A few things: 
we won't be publicizing the country's name other than its African

we won't publish any photos until they are home with us (feel free to ask us in person though and we will be more than willing to show you our kiddos!)

Lets get started!

Feb 25th - Nate and I met with Jill to talk. We brought up how we were ready to start the process to adopt an infant under the age of 1. She wanted us to think about two kids that were available Baby F 4mths and Kiddo E 2 years. I remember my shock as Nate said, "We will take them both." :o! 

March...State foster/adopt classes...making friends with some wonderful God fearing couples who have been super encouraging. 

April...complete foster classes.

Sunday April 27, 2014 @ 6pm - we saw our children for the first time. We were awestruck. They ...are...beautiful! Baby "F" (for short and privacy) is a little girl who is less than 1year old and has the most beautiful smile that just lights up; Kiddo "E" is the CUTEST little boy who has piercing eyes and the plumpest lips ever. Boy do we wish we could bring them home now! 

April 30-May 11, 2014 - we shared the news with our family, co-workers, and our church family :)

May 12, 2014 - Time to make the blog public!

In the coming months we look forward to hearing your comments, encouragement, and sharing our joy and frustrations with you. Thank you so much for all the support already!

~Nate and Kate