27 July 2014

So!!! Long time no see. I was recently challenged by some friends to start sharing our story...no matter how boring, repetitive, or well ...even if it lacks progress. Many, many of you have reached out to see how our progress is going (thank you! Thank you for praying for our hearts during this horribly long process...seriously...it matters!!). 

We are in the wait and see part - the RED tape of death part. We are continuing to submit the numerous pieces of paper to our agency. Next step is sending it to US Immigration - I think ;) . 

In the meantime, I wanted to share where we HAVE been. Nate and I took 2 weeks this summer to head to a far away place and help lead a kids camp. 70 kids, 11 adults, countless laughter, and a few tears. It was AMAZING!! and we can't wait to go back.
look at all this stuff we brought...but it made for a lot of fun

movie time
play time

swings are my favorite
The happiest we have been in years

Our awesome team!!

Then when we arrived home, my parents came for a fun and exciting visit. They live in a different land far far away and it was so good to welcome them to our home. PS - 1.5yrs is too long to be separated. Maybe the site of grandchildren will bring them closer ;)
Family pic before church on Sunday

How we spend most of our evenings - snacking, dominoes, and tea....lots of tea.

This is his second year participating in a literacy training there. Yea - my husband is awesome teaching people how to read in Spanish...while speaking only in Spanish...in a prison...in a foreign country. Oh and leading them to love Jesus too. God is crazy awesome!

The time since returning and my parents heading out can be summed up as a time for patience. Waiting for news of of our children...waiting for OUR CHILDREN...waiting for my husband to return home...waiting for news of a a new job...waiting for the A/C to be fixed (which it is now)...waiting ...waiting... waiting

The Lord reminds me that he too had a time of waiting - in a garden - with a cup he thought was too much to bear also. But he did...with grace. Wow, what a lesson of obedience. 

Would you pray with us?
  • that the H.S. will give us more of his spirit to accept this time of waiting as part of His process
  • that the paperwork will go through with no more glitches
  • that we would be filled with joy as we anticipate growing our family
  • the our kiddos would be covered with peace and health...and a happy childhood as they grow up without us. 
Thank you for joining us on this ride - feel free to share with your friends! The more the merrier!